During our Monday morning sessions we focus on English. This will include spellings, creative writing, poetry, reading comprehension, punctuation and grammar. English lessons are taught in a fun interactive and creative way, often using Montessori materials and methods in order to engage the children in this important subject. 

Children bring in a packed lunch on Mondays which is usually eaten outside. 

We then have time to allow the children to perform farm duties, which will include feeding the chickens, ducks, geese, pigs and sheep and collecting eggs in small groups. We also feed the wild birds and water the garden.

Children will be allowed to use the sports equipment set out for them during their break time, or they may simply play on our field and under our low laying trees.

2pm finish- if you are interested in keeping your child at the farm during the afternoon. Revolutionary Montessori offer an afternoon Woodland Club from 2pm-4pm.

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Tuesdays mornings are based around mathematical projects. Using the Montessori materials teachers guide your child through the maths materials and allow them to explore numbers and mathematical concepts in an interactive way.


These techniques help children gain confidence in numbers before they move to the more abstract ideas that are required of them as they reach 11 years old. 

Throughout the day your child will also have a chance to read to a teacher. Either one to one or through a class read. 

On Tuesdays we offer a cooked lunch which is served in the sheltered outside barn. We offer healthy vegetarian food with an occasional meat option which is often meat from our own farm. 

This will be followed by farm duties as per the activities mentioned on Mondays.

During the afternoon session we will typically rotate between Geography, History, English or Science projects.

Details of these projects are available termly.




Wednesdays are based around the Montessori lessons entitled the Five Great Lessons. These are projects which take an in depth look at History, Science, Literacy and Maths through the use of timelines. This proves to be an effective way of learning complex information in a tangible and interesting way.


Projects rotate termly and typically they would include The History of the Universe, The Evolution of the Planet, The Evolution of Humans and the History of Numbers and Writing. We cover many other topics including Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Remarkable Figures and Sacred Mathematics as well as many other interesting topics. We often create costumes and arts and crafts surrounding our projects to really embrace ideas fully.

On Wednesdays we offer a cooked lunch followed by farm duties as per previous days.

In the afternoon we will rotate projects which will often include a craft activity like, woodwork, textiles, felting or gardening or a creative writing project.

The additional benefit that we offer home educators is that we send Parent Pack back home once a week. This allows you to  follow the themes are we are learning in the classroom and work at home on the same projects, thus reinforcing the concepts introduced with us.