Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Fees including Craft Weeks £1430

A reduction of £80 per term for materials can be reduced from your fee if your child does not wish to attend

Craft Weeks

We always have two craft weeks per term.

Please also note that although we do not host any Home Education days through Trefoil on Thursday and Friday you can attend Home Educator Days on Ashwood Farm through  revolutionarymontessori.co.uk

Lunch and Snacks

Hot lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday and healthy snacks.

£200 per term

 Lunches and Snacks are home grown and organic where possible. Fair Trade and locally-sourced vegetarian lunches, freshly prepared on site. 


We have a predominantly vegetarian menu, but when we cook meat

most of our meat is produced on Ashwood Farm or bought from ethical sources.

Parent Partnership

We offer a Parent Partnership option if we have a place available. 


The Parent Partnership is equivalent to 3 hours work per week (including preparation weeks) which entitles you to 1 day of workshop fees free for one term. This is equivalent to a reduction of £440 per term.

Parents must only sign up to Parent Partnership if they can make a weekly commitment.

Typical Parent Partnership options include, kitchen assistants, gardening, and somtimes reading with children. All parents invited to be part of the Parent Partnership will be asked to complete a DBS certificate.

Extra Costs

Trial Days:

Each child must attend three trial days prior to registration. The first day is free of charge followed by two more days charged at £40 per day. Please arrange with the office.


A one off registration fee of £100 is charged on acceptance of your child's place.

After school clubs:

available through revolutionarymontessori.co.uk

One-One Tuition:

 Speak to Grace, Rozanna or Molly.